About Us

LandX is a property investment company that offers rapid land liquidation services. We value professionalism, integrity, and respect, and we seek to ensure every transaction we complete is straightforward and timely, building our customers’ trust and confidence in our services.

Max Edson

Co-Founder, LandX

Max has been involved with real estate for the past two years and is a program manager with a background in economics and business management. He is currently getting his lean six sigma green belt certification that focuses on process improvement techniques and strategies. In his free time, Max enjoys building data analytics models for various industry sectors.

Ryan Doucet

Co-Founder, LandX

Ryan is a software engineer with a background in computer science and web application development. He is currently getting his masters at UT Austin in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. In his free time, Ryan loves to develop software and build computers.